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In the Queue: Steve Rose’s “The Diminishing Day”

Steve says it’s new age, but for me it’s the “new age” that the 1940’s dreamed of: gleaming metal and gently reciprocating engines of polished steel, in the warm golden light of a perfected future. A dream of cool perfection, busily making something into something else, the pulse of quiet industry. Cool, calm, and smooth.

In the Queue: Occurrences in Rain’s “Memories Suspended - Falling”

A darker, denser album with hidden sweetnesses in its recesses, and more unsettling for it. It brings to mind a forbidding landscape of industrial ruins with fog drifting slowly across the field of view; an occasional flash of light - was it the sun, or something else?

In the Queue: Eric Jackson’s “Apparitions”

I think I’d call this “dusk ambient” - dark, but not menacing. Long, slowly shifting drones insinuate themselves into the sound picture, with muted industrial thuds in the distance as we drift through a shadowy, shifting landscape. Very subtle work that’s not afraid to be quiet when appropriate, with an excellent use of space.

Great balancing of consonance and dissonance as well, with a willingness to use radical tunings to very good effect. Even the more rapid bits provide a feeling of time suspended rather than propelled forward.